Hi, I'm Dayve Newman! I love photography and shoot a wide range of personal and commission work.

Living in South Florida for the past 10 years, I've been able to partner with event planners and clients from around the world.

The majority of my work is self-initiated. It is focused in capturing images of individuals, both in portraiture and in motion. I find the most interesting shoot locations in public areas like oceans, sports venues, and concert arenas.

My commission work primarily consists of studio photography where I work to capture metaphors using props and styling.

I focus on capturing images of people in the South Florida who wish to capture the unique magic of the moments or projects they are engaged with . Portraits, parties, family photos, travel memories, beach weddings or special events of all sorts.

If you, your family, business or friends would like to be arrange a photoshoot,.. please contact me and we can discuss scheduling.

Send a message to dave@photomatterz.com or call 914-434-8667